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We have been working on a more modern, robust and enhanced version of Irrimaker.

We’re calling it IrriExpress.

Express is being created by our core team of programmers with over 40 years of experience. Express will have all of the essential core functions of IrriMaker with a cleaner user interface and more efficient methods to make designing your irrigation project flow!

Download the 14 day trial demo here.


Read below for more information.

View the Step by Step Project Here 



Seamless Integration with Google Maps

Easy integration with Google Maps to get elevations quickly and capture screenshots.

Google Earth

Single Click

Single click editing with real time updates using the object inspector. We have optimized your editing so that you can complete your project faster!

Single Click

Real Time Reporting

Real time reports. Improved intelligent reporting to summarize the pressure, flow and elevations of your entire project.


Turn Layers On/Off

Easily turn off and on different elements of your project.

 Object Inspector

Customize Your Objects

Easily identify the pumps, emitters and pipes on your project with a separate color for each object.

    Customize Colors

Quick Alerts

Step by step guidance on system status throughout project development.


Paper View

Easily print your project and include your company logo, name and other necessary information.



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