What makes IrriMaker the leader in the field of agricultural irrigation software?


1) It is an all in one design system.

There are a few expectations from standard software for irrigation. A regular irrigation design involves survey data, detail cad drawings, layout of the system, calculations of the hydraulics, pipe sizings, bill of materials and the presentation of the plans.

IrriMaker has the capacity to do all of this in a single, easy to use graphical interface.


2) It is a modular software package.

Irrigation SoftwareThe three main modules are survey, cad and irrigation design and you can extensively involve all of them in a typical design or you can use just what is needed for your specific requirement.

If your terrain is flat and elevations are not required, just use the cad, or import a dxf/dwg file as basis and start doing the irrigation design.


3) It is fast and accurate.

IrriMaker is developed by engineers for the irrigation designer. Setting up a design is quick, easy and to the point.

Whether you are just designing a simple main line or a complex system with numerous blocks of solid set sprinklers or drip lines, and a closed looped main line.

IrriMaker will perform and give you the needed results expected from proficient irrigation software.


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