IrriMaker consists of numerous functions..

Data entry:

Data can be entered using manual survey method, importing data from electronic data recorders or GPS systems and from various fixed and free format ASCII files.img1

Data can also be captured from existing drawings using the built-in digitizing option. Scanned bitmap images can be loaded, traced over and plotted with the other data.


Observations are automatically reduced to Y, X, Z co-ordinates with retention of the original observation data. Station co-ordinates may be extracted from a trig file or typed in manually during the reduction.img1

A double coding system is available whereby the user may identify specific detail. Two six character alpha-numeric codes per observation are available without any restriction on the meaning of specific codes.


The surface model is created using a fast automatic triangulation routine with or without break line restrictions. After the model is created the user has full control over the various functions provided to graphically edit the model.

This includes the editing of break lines, adding additional triangles and deletion of unwanted triangles. Up to 21 models can be maintained simultaneously allowing for easy merging of models, calculations of cut and fill volumes and other relative comparisons.


Irri Maker also includes a full and comprehensive integrated CAD, linked between the survey data and all the basic and advanced drawing functions. This enables the user to create detail drawings efficiently on screen with the survey model active in the background.img1

Apart from the standard drawing elements, user definable line styles, symbols and patterns are easily added to the system. The necessary functions are in place to manipulate bitmap images along with the other cad vector elements.


The comprehensive suite of irrigation design tools have been developed to produce fast and effective layouts, calculate the hydraulics, size the pipes, produce a list of materials and to create impressive plans.

The irrigation design module offers flexible functions that will allow you to produce hydraulic layouts for landscape areas, agricultural farms, mining or any other area where the conveyance of water is required.

Accepting the elevations from the DTM model and guidelines from the CAD, IRRI MAKER can automatically produce layouts of nodes and pipes. The user may at any stage intervene, adjust the design and add, edit or delete elements at leisure.

Reports of pressures, velocities and quantities are produced as well as being displayed graphically on screen.


Output of results may be printed or saved in a file. Drawings may be plotted directly to any plotter or printer, plot file or various CAD data exchange ASCII formats. Any coordinate can be saved to an ASCII file to be used for setting out purposes.


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