In today’s time Irrigation Software can easily be used along with Open Source Applications. As a result we are excited about today’s tip. In recent updates Irrimaker’s ability to work along with Google Earth has improved tremendously. Now the Irrigation Designer can easily make use of the survey data provided by google earth to create a very realistic plan.


First open Google Earth.

Go to Tools and select Options.


From the Options menu, make sure the Universal Transverse Mercator is selected.


Now go and find the area you want to work with in Google Earth.


Back in Model Maker, open up the Configuration Window from the Top Menu.

From the Configuration Window select the Hemisphere that your area is in.

Make sure you have UTM selected in the Coordinate System and WGS in the Coordinate Datum.

Once you have your setup right you can import the image.

Go to Cad, Images, File and select Copy Image from Google Earth.


The image from Google Earth will be placed in Model Maker.


Press F6 and place a grid in the work area.

The grid will be used for the heights obtained from Google Earth.

(Please note: You do not have to place a grid to obtain heights from GE.

Any points that you send to GE will receive the correct heights)


The image along with a grid.


When we obtain the heights from Google Earth, ideally we do it for a specific area.

Go to Points, Add and select Grid in area.

Then select Any irregular shape and Define irregular area.



Define the area that you are going to work with.

After you defined it, select Yes and Ok.


Now turn of the grid by pressing F6 again and deselecting Display in the Grid box.

You should now only see the grid behind your desired area.

At this point we are ready to obtain the elevations for our points from Google Earth.

Select Configuration from the Settings menu.

Now, look at your image in Google Earth and find the Meridian which is the number all the way on the left.

Enter that number in the CM input box.

Next select Google Earth from the Output menu.

This step obtains the heights from Google Earth and assign them to the points in your work area.

There you have it.

Now you can go to Triangles, Csearch and select Quick search.

After Model Maker found the triangles for the DTM points you can display the contours and start your design.

We suggest using Irrigation Software intelligently and believe you will benefit from this quick tip. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to let us know in the comments bellow.


Thank you for your time and attention.

Irrimaker Team


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  1. tijani rabbouh says:

    il est très bon formation mais li problème est google earth sa marche pas pourquoi ?

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